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What to do if domestic fridge is short cycling?

- L.P Cut out is defective.
- L.P Cut out setting not correct, too low difficult for Cut In.
- Lesser gas flow
1.     Less gas in system.
2.     Drier Choked.
3.     Expansion valve filter choked or Expansion valve Malfunction.
4.     Evaporator Choked.
5.     Compressor valves leaking.
a. Check L.P. Cut out setting, Cut out pressure OK.
b. Check flow of gas by seeing sight glass which should show full flow of refrigerant.
c. If no full flow- Either less gas or drier chocked, Clean the drier.
d. Check level in receiver, if low, then charge gas.
e. Expansion valve filter choked, then clean it.
f. Expansion valve malfunctioning- Change it.
g. Evaporator choked- Blow-thru evaporator with nitrogen.

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