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What is Rudder wear Down, Rudder Drop, Jumping Clearence. What is its purpose and how it is measured?

Rudder wear down refers to the  measurements taken generally during a docking period to indicate excessive wear in the steering gear system particularly the rudder carrier. This wear down or rudder drop is measured using a special L shaped instrument called Tramel. When the vessel is built a distinct centrepunch mark is placed onto the ruder stock and onto a suitable location on the vessels structure, here given as a girder which is typical. The trammel is manufactured to suit these marks As the carrier wears the upper pointer will fall below the centrepunch mark by an amount equal to the wear down.

Rudder Clearance
Pads are welded to the hull and rudder. A clearance is given ( sometimes refered to as the jumping clearance). As the carrier wears this clearance will increase

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  1. thanx sir! quite useful!

  2. thanks cleared my concepts about Tramel Gauge.

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  4. Thank u very much sir.simple & superb explanation...

  5. What is the use of jumping bar

  6. Is there a L shape template use to measure Liner wear? So that Liner wear gauge reading can be taken at the same position after specified running hours. Please help.


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