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Explain Emergency fire Pump on board ship Location, Capacity and How to check its performance

                        Location of Emergency Fire pump :- The space containing the pump should not be contiguous to the boundaries of machinery space or those spaces containing main fire pumps.
Normally located at : Steering Gear Compartment, Aft of Collision Bulkhead, Shaft Tunnel, Forward part of ship.
                        Capacity:-  Shall have capacity not less than 25 m3/hr & pump should be able to deliver water at following pressure with two hydrants opens:
Passenger Ship above 4000 GRT :- 4 bar
Passenger ship below 4000 GRT  :- 3 Bar
Cargo ship above 6000 GRT         :- 2.7 Bar
Cargo ship below 6000 GRT         :-  2.5 bar         
The throw at the top most deck should not be less 12 meter.


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