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What is Air Compressor Bumbing clearance? How to Check and adjust it?

1.     Start the Stand by compressor.
2.     Stop the compressor whose bumping clearance has to be taken.
3.     Isolate the system.
4.     Put “Men at Work” tag.
5.     Loosen the cylinder head bolts and lift it.
6.     Measure the diameter /size of the lead ball.
7.     Bring piston to TDC and put lead ball on centre of it.
8.     Now, put the cylinder head and tighten it to required torque.
9.     Now, again loosen the cylinder head bolt and remove the ball.
10.   Measure the size of the ball.
11.  The difference between the initial size and final size is the bumping clearance.
It can be adjusted by either putting a thinner gasket or putting shim on top half 


  1. In a two stage tandem air compressor adjusting the first stage bump clearance will effect the bump clearance in the second stage,so how does it work out?

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