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Garbage Disposal regulation as per MARPOL Annex V from ship

As per MARPOL Annex V, Regulation for the prevention of pollution by Garbage from ship.

1. The disposal into the sea of all plastics, plastic garbage bags and incinerator ashes from plastic products which may contain toxic or heavy metal residues is prohibited.
2. The disposal of garbage i.e., dunnage, lining & packing materials to be made 25 Nautical miles away from the nearest land.
3. Disposal of food wastes and all other garbage including paper products, rags, glass, metal to be made 12 Nautical miles away from the nearest land.
4. Disposal of food wastes can be permitted if it has passed through a comminuter or grinder , distance is more than 3 Nautical miles from the nearest land. Such comminuted or ground garbage shall be capable of passing through a screen with openings no greater than 25mm.

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