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Emergency Generator- Location & services or power supplied.

Location:- Should be on the uppermost continuous deck outside from the engine room but not located at the forward collision bulkhead.
Services Supplied:-
(a)  For a period of 3 Hrs at Emergency lighting at every muster & embarkation station.
(b)  For a period of 18 hrs at:-
(i)            In all service & accommodation alleyways, stairways & exits, personal lift cars & personnel lift trunks.
(ii)           In the machinery spaces & main generating stations including their control positions.
(iii)          In all control stations, machinery control rooms, and at each main & emergency switchboard.
(iv)         At all stowage positions.
(v)          At the steering gear.
(vi)         At the fire pump & in all cargo pump rooms.
(vii)        The navigational lights.
(viii)       VHF & MF Radio installation.
(ix)         The ship earth radio station.
(x)          At all internal communication equipment
(xi)         The fire detection & fire alarm system.
(xii)        Intermittent operation of the daylight signalling lamp & all integral signals that are required in an emergency.

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