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Procedure for Overhauling of Marine Auxiliary / Generator Engine (AE)

Here is the detailed procedure for overhauling of a marine auxiliary engine. The details given below are collected from various sources. So correct me if any corrections are required. Please provide the required corrections and comments in the comment box below.

a. Check whether all tools and spares are available or not.
b. If so, then start the Stand by generator.
c. Check all parameters are normal.
d. Now share the load with the help of synchroscope.
e. Again check all the parameters are within normal range.
f. Put full load on the Stand by generator.
g. Stop the generator on which work has to be carried out.

h. Put MEN AT WORK tag.
i. Shut the air starting valve, fuel oil inlet & outlet valves and isolate the system.
j. Let lube oil priming pump run for half hour after then stop it.
k. Drain the jacket water.
l. Remove the cylinder head cover.
m. Remove high pressure pipe.
n. Take out the injector using its tool.
o. Open the rocker arm bolts & remove it from its place.
p. Remove the Jacket water outlet pipe.
q. Disconnect the scavenge & exhaust manifold from the cylinder head.
r. Open the cylinder head bolts using the Torque spanner or hydraulic jack(As provided on your vessel).
s. Check the lifting gear (Crane & chain block, Eye bolt, etc.)
t. Lift the cylinder head & put it at a suitable place.
u. Open the crankcase door.
v. Bring the piston to TDC position & attach eye-bolt on it and Attach hook of chain block to it.(Before bringing Piston to TDC, the top part of liner needs to be cleaned)
w. Bring the piston to BDC and open the bottom-end bolts & remove bottom end bearing.
x. As load of piston is now on Lifting gear, so take it out & put it on the piston stand.
y. Remove the piston rings using ring extractor.
z. Remove the circlip from the gudgeon pin & take out the gudgeon pin, so connecting rod can be taken out.


  1. Also engage the turning gear.
    (Before starting the decarb)

    1. Engage turning gear is for main engine. Not auxiliary engine.

  2. Also engage the turning gear.
    (Before starting the decarb).

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