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Maintenance on a CO2 fire fighting system onboard a ship

1.     Check the hinges of the CO2 Room door & grease it.
2.     Check the pressure gauge.
3.     Check the condition of the blower.
4.     Check all lightings are properly working.
5.     If Manual pull cables operate the remote release controls, they should be checked to verify the cables & corner pulleys are in good condition  and freely move and do not require an excessive amount of travel to activate the system.
6.     Check the weight of the CO2 Bottles.
7.     The discharge piping & nozzles should be tested to verify that they are not blocked. The test should be performed by isolating the discharge piping from the system & flowing dry air or nitrogen from test cylinder or through any other suitable means.
8.     The hydrostatic test of all the cylinders should be done once in 10 years atleast.
9.     The alarm to be tested.
10.   The CO2 Lines should be blown through with service air.


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