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what is tender and stiff ship.

Tender Ship:- The ship with a small Metacentric height has a small righting lever at any angle & will roll easily is said to be tender ship. In tender ship, In it the centre of gravity lies below the transverse metacentre. The GM is more than GZ. & these kind of ship are more stable.
Stiff Ship:-  The ship with a large Metacentric height has a large righting lever at any angle & has considerable resistance to rolling. A stiff ship is very uncomfortable. In it the Centre of Gravity lies above the transverse metacentre.


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  2. Stiff ship also has its cog lying below the transverse metacentre. Correct me if am wrong

  3. VIjay dei always cog should be below meta centre...if its above then ship is unstable

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  5. Stiff has short roll period from one side to upright position to the other side GM becomes large because Center of gravity is close to the keel when cargo is placed in low deck while tender ship has small GM because the center of gravity raised occurs when cargo placed upper deck


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