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Actions in case of lot of smoke coming out of funnel

1.     Reduce load on engine.
2.     Check purifier operating alright/ reduce throughput to have better purification.
3.     Drain water from settling & service tank.
4.     Check scavenge air temperature & adjust if reqd. .
5.     Soot blow the economizer.
6.     Ensure, fuel oil end heater outlet temperature proper corresponding to attain viscosity at the point of injection.
7.     Check, if any particular Exhaust temperature is higher than others, if so, then stop the engine, Change the injector with a spare overhauled injector.
8.     Check all fuel pump timings are correct or not.
9.     Dismantle and carry out overhaul of T/C.
10.   Send fuel oil for Laboratory analysis.

1.     Improper combustion.
2.     Burning of carbon particles collected at EGE.
3.     Overloading of engine.
4.     Inform bridge & Chief engineer.
5.     Raise engineers’ call/emergency alarm.
6.     Before starting bilge pump note down the position of vessel & time of starting.
7.     Other engineers will in between try to locate the hole or burst of pipe and repair.
8.     If ingress of water very high, start another pump.
9.     Reduce the engine r.p.m.
10.   Change over main s.w suction to emergency bilge suction.
11.   If level is still coming up try to protect the motor from short-circuiting , if required start emergency bilge suction valve.
12.   If situation is not coming in control, prepare lifeboat for lowering.

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