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Alarms and trips of boiler and IG system

Alarms and trips of boiler and IG system

    Alarms in IG System
   a. Scrubber High Level
   b. Scrubber low level
   c. Deck seal High level
   d. Deck seal low level
   e. High O2 Content
   f. High blower casing temp.
   g. Low lube oil pressure alarm.

   Trips in IG System
   a. High Casing Temp. trip
   b. Low lube oil pressure trip.
   c. Low/ no flow scrubber water
   d. Low / no flow deck seal water.
   e. High boiler pressure trip.
   f. Low boiler pressure trip.

    Alarms in Boiler
    a. Low water level Alarm
    b. Too low water level alarm.
    c. High water level alarm
    d. High fuel oil temp. alarm.
    e. Low fuel oil temp. alarm
     f. Low boiler pressure alarm.

    Trips in Boiler
     a. Low Low level water trip
     b. High boiler pressure trip.
     c. Flame failure
     d. Low fuel oil pressure trip.

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