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Overhauling procedure of Diesel engine fuel valve.

Safety Precautions:-
a. Check whether all tools and spares are available or not.
b. If so, then start the Stand by generator.
c. Check all parameters are normal.
d. Now share the load with the help of synchroscope.
e. Again check all the parameters are within normal range.
f. Put full load on the Stand by generator.
g. Stop the generator on which work has to be carried out.
h. Put MEN AT WORK tag.
i. Shut the air starting valve, fuel oil inlet & outlet valves and isolate the system.
j. Let lube oil priming pump run for half hour after then stop it.
k. Remove the lock nut of the high pressure pipe.
l. Now, remove the high pressure pipe.
m. Take out the fuel injector using it tool.
n. Put it on the testing kit.
o. Check the lifting pressure, atomization, pressure falling steadily, dripping of oil.
p. Now, take out the injector from the testing kit, put in a diesel oil & clean it.
q. Make sure the workshop table should be clean, no rags or jute to be there.
r. Put the injector on the vice and tighten it.
s. Loosen the lock nut of the injector.
t. Now loosen the compression nut to release the spring pressure, then take out the spring.
u. Open the cap nut and take out the needle and guide.
v. Put the parts on the cleaned table.
w. Check the condition of spring by dropping on the floor plate, it should jump and also check it by tightening in the vice and then releasing. The difference in the length,no cracks to be there.
x. Check visually needle, there shouldn’t be any scoring marks because it is made of Nitrite material.
y. Try to insert the needle inside the guide at angle of 45degree, the needle should on its own weight.
z. Check the size of injecting holes by using Go or No go gauge.
i. If go gauge is going then hole size is OK.
ii. If no go gauge going, then it means the size has increased, then nozzle needs to be changed.
iii. Now assemble the injector and do the lifting pressure setting on test kit by adjusting the compression nut.
iv. After this check the injector again for its lifting pressure, atomization, steady fall of pressure and dripping.

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