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What to check if Engine is not starting on air and fu

Engine not starting on Air:-
a. Low air bottle pressure or air line valve may be shut.
b. Air bottle isolating valve or automatic valve or distributor not functioning.
c. Control air valves faulty or less control air pressure.
d. Start air automatic valve jammed.
e. Turning gear engaged.
f. Reversing has not taken place completely.
g. Control valve for fuel or start is not in it’s end position.
h. Bursting diaphragm on start air line damaged.
i. Fuel lever on maneuvering stand not on remote mode.
j. Auxiliary blower not running or not on ‘auto’ mode.
k. Emergency stop has activated.
l. Interlock is operated.
m. Cylinder air start valve defective or sticky.
n. Piston not in firing mode.

Engine not starting on fuel:
a. Less fuel in service tank.
b. Fuel filter is chocked.
c. Fuel supply pumps not delivering required pressure. Or fuel pump tripped.
d. Fuel level on local maneuvering stand, is not on remote stand.
e. Fuel rack stuck.
f. Fuel pump malfunctioning, jammed plunger.
g. Injector nozzle needle sticking or holes blocked.
h. Compression pressure is too low due to broken piston ring or exhaust valve not closing properly.
i. Fuel pump relief valve leaking.
j. Start air pressure insufficient to turn the engine fast enough.

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  1. Puncture valve malfunction is also a reason for not starting on fuel,


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