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Explain Regulations of Air pollution - NOx, SOx, ODS and Volatile substance

      MARPOL Annex VI:- Regulation for the prevention of pollution by air from ships.
Regulation 12:- Ozone depleting Substance
Any deliberate emissions of Ozone depleting substance shall be prohibited. Deliberate emissions include emissions occurring in the course of maintaining, servicing, repairing or disposing of systems or equipments.
New installations which contain ozone depleting substance shall be prohibited on all ships, except that new installations containing HCFCs are permitted until January 2020.
The substances & equipment containing such substances, shall be delivered to appropriate reception facilities when removed from ships.

 Regulation 13:- Nitrogen Oxide(NOx)
This regulation applies to the diesel engine with a power output of more than 130 KW which is installed on a ship constructed on or after 1st January’2000. & to diesel engines with a power output of more than 130 KW which has undergone major conversion on or after 1st January’2000.
This regulation does not applies to emergency diesel engine, engines installed in lifeboats & any device intended to be used solely in case of emergency.
 Limits of NOx:-
a. 17.0 g/Kw-h when n less than 130 rpm.
b. 45.0 x n -0.2 g/Kw-h when is 130 or more but less than 2000 rpm
c. 9.8 g/Kw-h when n is 2000 rpm or more.

Regulation 14:- Sulphur Oxide (Sox)
 The sulphur content of any fuel used on board ships shall not exceed 4.5% m/m.
In SECA Area the sulphur content should not exceed 1.5% m/m.
If in SECA area fuel used is having sulphur content more than 1.5% m/m , then exhaust gas cleaning system to be provided to limit emission of Sox to 6.0g Sox /Kw-h or less.

Regulation 15:- Volatile Organic Compound
Regulation 16:- Shipboard Incineration

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