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Procedure for lowering of a Life boat ?

1.     Minimum of 5 persons are required to lower the L/B.
2.     One person goes inside the L/B and passes the end of toggle painter and plugs the drain.
3.     Check all lifeline and falls are clear of L/B.
4.     Make fast the other end of toggle painter on a strong point forward of the ship.
5.     Remove forward and aft gripes and both person stand by for passing bowing tackle and tricing pendant.
6.     Remove harbour safety pin.
7.     Make sure the ship’s side is free of everything, no water or garbage is there.
8.     Now, one person lift’s the dead mans handle slowly which releases the brake.
9.     The boat along with cradle sides downward till it comes to the embarkation deck.
10.   By pulling tricing pendant , bring it alongside the embarkation deck.
11.   Persons embark inside the boat.
12.   Now, tricing pendant is removed and the whole load comes on falls.
13.   Now, boat is further lowered with deadman’s handle.
14.   As soon as the boat comes around 1meter above the sea-water, it can be released.

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