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Checks to be carried out during Crankcase Inspection of Marine IC Main Engine (Procedure)

Safety Precautions:
1.     Inform bridge and Chief Engineer.
2.     If in port, take Immobilization certificate.
3.     Get propeller clearance from the duty officer
4.     Shut off starting air valve
5.     Put “Men at Work” tag.
6.     Stop lube oil pump
7.     Indicator cocks to open.
8.     Turning gear should be engaged
9.     Wear proper PPE, Shoes & helmet.
10.   No naked lamp to be taken inside.
11.   Open the crankcase door taking it as a shield.
12.   Ventilate the crankcase door properly.
13.   No items should be inside the pockets of boiler suit.

a. Check the condition of lube oil, for any smell, discoloration, degradation.
b. No paint parts to be there in the sump.
c. Turn the engine to BDC and under stuffing box area for any black oil.
d. Check piston rod for any scoring & roughness.
e. Check piston palm bolts & locking.
f. Check the guide shoes and the area around it.
g. Check guide shoe end cover bolts.
h. Check X-head bearing general condition.
i. Check all bearing for white metal.
j. Check oil pan area of every unit for any sludge formations, bearing metals & foreign particles.
k. Check top & bottom of connecting rod bolts, nuts & locking device.
l. Check the axial movement of bottom end bearing.
m. Check slippage of web & journal by reference marks.
n. Check the teeth of transmission gear.
o. Check the tightness of chain drive.
p. Check c/case relief door spring tension, wire mesh & sealing ring.
q. Check & clear the O.M.D sampling pipes.
r. Start the lube oil pump & check flow .
s. Check c/case door sealing condition & close it c/case door.
t. Make sure no foreign matter or tools should be left inside the c/case.

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