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Ship Constriction meo class iv online exam mcq

21) What is used to prevent accidental flooding of a double bottom or peak tanks in the event of a pipe rupture due to collision?
A) Separate lines are provided for filling and pumping these tanks.
B) Pipe lines must run vertically from the tank to a point above the margin line before turning fore or aft towards the pump.
C) All tanks must be served by the fewest possible number of pipes to reduce the possibility of rupture.
D) Suction lines are fitted with a non-return valve

22) In a transversely framed ship, the transverse frames are supported by all of the following EXCEPT __________.
A) girders
B) longitudinals
C) side stringers
D) web plates

23) In a longitudinally-framed ship, the longitudinal frames are held in place and
supported by athwartship members called __________.
A) floors
B) margin plates
C) stringers
D) web frames

24) When the longitudinal strength members of a vessel are continuous and closely
spaced, the vessel is __________.
A) transversely framed
B) longitudinally framed
C) intermittently framed
D) web framed

25) A vessel having continuous closely spaced transverse strength members is __________.
A) longitudinally framed
B) transversely framed
C) cellular framed
D) web framed

26) In ship construction, frame spacing is __________.
A) greater at the bow and stern
B) reduced at the bow and stern
C) uniform over the length of the vessel
D) uniform over the length of the vessel, with the exception of the machinery spaces, where it is reduced due to increased stresses

27) Why are most break bulk vessels built with the transverse framing system rather than the longitudinal system?
A) The transverse system is more resistant to hog and sag stresses.
B) The numerous longitudinal frames cause excessive broken stowage.
C) The transverse system provides better support to the varying cargo densities on a break bulk vessel.
D) The deep web frames interfere with the stowage of break bulk cargo

28) Transverse frames are more widely spaced on a ship that is designed with the __________.
A) centerline system of framing
B) isometric system of framing
C) longitudinal system of framing
D) transverse system of framing

29) What is the purpose of cant frames in steel vessels?
A) To support the overhang of the stern
B) To provide strength to shell plating at the stern Ship construction
C) To add strength to the deck beams which support the weather decks
D) To support the plating of a cylindrical tank

30) Reinforcing frames attached to a bulkhead on a vessel are called __________.
A) side longitudinals
B) intercostals
C) stiffeners
D) brackets

31) Lighter longitudinal stiffening frames on the vessel's side plating are called __________.
A) stringers
B) side frames
C) side stiffeners
D) intercostals

32) In ship construction, keel scantlings should be the greatest __________.
A) at each frame
B) amidships
C) one-third the distance from the bow
D) one-third the distance from the stern

33)Keel scantlings of any vessel are greatest amidships because __________.
A) connections between forebody and afterbody are most crucial
B) of maximum longitudinal bending moments
C) of severest racking stresses
D) resistance to grounding is at a maximum amidships

34)A thirty pound plate would be __________.
A) 3/8" thick
B) 1/2" thick
C) 3/4" thick
D) 1" thick

35)The ceiling is __________.
A) the overhead in berthing compartments
B) a wooden protection placed over the tank top
C) material driven into seams or cracks to prevent leaking
D) None of the above are correct

36)The wooden planking that protects the tank top from cargo loading is called__________.
A) ceiling
B) shores
C) frames
D) toms

37)A set of interior steps on a ship leading up to a deck from below is know as
A) a companion way
B) tween-decks
C) stairs
D) All of the above are acceptable

38)A cofferdam is __________.
A) any deck below the main deck and above the lowest deck
B) a member that gives fore-and-aft strength
C) made by placing two bulkheads a few feet apart
D) a heavy fore-and-aft beam under the deck

39)The thickness of a 30.6 pound plate is __________.
A) 3/8"
B) 1/2"
Ship construction
C) 3/4"
D) 1"

40)The fittings used to secure a watertight door are known as __________.

A) clamps
B) clasps
C) dogs
D) latches

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