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marine engineering class 4 online exam mcq questions for ship construction

61)Which is NOT an advantage of the flush method of welded shell plating?
A) Reduces weight
B) Reduces frictional resistance
C) Keeps practically 100% of tensile strength at the joints
D) Reduces plate stress

62)Shell plating that has curvature in two directions and must be heated and hammered to shape over specially prepared forms is called __________.
A) compound plate
B) furnaced plate
C) flat plate
D) rolled plate

63)Shell plating is __________.
A) the galvanizing on steel
B) a hatch cover
C) the outer plating of a vessel
D) synonymous with decking

64)bilge keels are fitted on ships to __________.
A) assist in dry dock alignment
B) improve the vessel's stability
C) protect the vessel from slamming against piers
D) reduce the rolling of the vessel

65)The function of the bilge keel is to __________.
A) reduce the rolling of the vessel
B) serve as the vessel's main strength member
C) add strength to the bilge
D) protect the vessel's hull when alongside a dock

66)Bilge keels are more effective at dampening rolls as the __________.
A) pitching increases
B) list increases
C) rolling increases
D) draft decreases

67)Which statement about bilge keels is CORRECT?
A) They are critical strength members and require careful design consideration.
B) They increase resistance to rolling.
C) They attach to a low stress area.
D) They provide support when the vessel is dry docked.

68)The strength of a deck will be increased by adding __________.
A) camber
B) deck beam brackets
C) hatch beams
D) sheer

69)To rigidly fasten together the peak frames, the stem, and the outside framing, a horizontal plate is fitted across the forepeak of a vessel. This plate is known as a(n) __________.
A) apron plate
B) breasthook
C) intercostal plate
D) joiner

70)Panting frames are located in the __________.
A) after double bottoms
B) centerline tanks on tankships
C) fore and after peaks
D) forward double bottoms

71)The extension of the after part of the keel in a single- screw vessel upon which the stern post rests is called the __________.
A) boss
B) knuckle
C) skeg
D) strut

72)On a single-screw vessel the stern frame _________.
A) furnishes support to the rudder, propeller shaft, and transom frame
B) provides foundations for after mooring winches
C) provides foundations for the main propulsion engines
D) transfers the driving force of the propeller to the hull

73)The ratio of the height of a vessel's rudder to its width is referred to as the __________.
A) aspect ratio
B) constriction ratio
C) rudder ratio
D) steering ratio

74)The term "pintle" and "gudgeon" are associated with the __________.
A) anchor windlass
B) jumbo boom
C) rudder
D) steering engine

75)The projecting lugs of the rudderpost which furnish support to the rudder are called __________.
A) bases
B) gudgeons
C) pintles
D) rudder lugs

76)The terms "cant frame" and "counter" are associated with the vessel's __________.
A) cargo hatch
B) forecastle
C) steering engine
D) stern

77)The pitch of a propeller is a measure of the __________.
A) angle that the propeller makes with a free stream of water
B) angle that the propeller makes with the surface of the water
C) number of feet per revolution the propeller is designed to advance in still water without slip
D) positive pressure resulting from the difference of the forces on both sides of the moving propeller in still water without slip

78)A Kort nozzle is a(n) __________.
A) hollow tube surrounding the propeller used to improve thrust
B) nozzle attached to a firefighting hose
C) intake valve on a diesel engine
D) piston cylinder on a diesel engine

79)A "contra-guide" is a type of __________.
A) bow thruster
B) cargo gear
C) steering engine
D) rudder

80)The horizontal flat surfaces where the upper stock joins the rudder are the __________.
A) rudder keys
B) rudder palms
C) lifting flanges
D) shoes of the rudder

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