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Marine Ship safety previous asked online questions for MEO Class 4 online exam

21.Prior to entering a cargo pump room, you should ensure that
A.the forced ventilating system is operating 
B.the cargo pumps are secured monocarbon gases are present 
D.the oily water separator is de-energized

22.Which of the following documents carried by a ship is not issued under the MARPOL convention?
A.IOPP certificate
B.Oil Record Book
D.Safety Management Certificate.

23.When a vessel is floating upright, the distance from the keel to the metacenter is called the
A.metacentric differential
B.height of the baseline
C.height of the metacenter
D.righting arm

24.Voyage data recorders (VDR) or simplified voyage data recorders (S-VDR) are required to be installed on board certain ships as per_____________
A.ISPS code
B.ISM code
C.Chapter V of Solas
D.None of the above

25.Which of the following is not found inside a lifeboat?
A.Sea anchor
B.Fishing tackle
C.Drinking water cans
D.Life Jacket

26.As per STCW code, the abilities specified under standards of competence are grouped under _______ functions, for the purpose of issuing certificates of competency. 

27.Under which IMO convention is Voyage Data Recorder- Certificate of compliance issued?
B.SAR 1979
C.SOLAS 1974

28.As per definition of MARPOL Annex-1, a product tanker is one which can carry:
A.Oils and chemicals 
B.Oils other than crude oils 
C.Oil product and occasionally crude oils
D.Mainly chemical products but at times refined oil products

29.Which of the following statements is false?
A.A ship security plan is made by the CSO
B.A ship security plan is a confidential document.
C.A ship security plan needs to be approved by the flag state administration
D.None of the above

30.In the first 24 hours after abandoning a vessel, water should be given only to personnel who are
B.sick or injured 

31.Which of the following conditions can lead to degradation of foam compounds?
A.Exposure to excessive heat.
B.Mixing of different grades of foam.
C.Exposure to air.
D.None of the above. 

32.In which of the following conditions, the IG blower fans should shut down automatically?
A.Oxygen content above 8%
B.Low water level in deck seal
C.Low water level in the scrubber tower
D.High scrubber water level

33.The stretcher normally used for rescue of casualties from engine room spaces, holds, pump-rooms etc., is known as _____________________
A.Williamson stretcher
B.Neil Hobson stretcher
C.Neil Robertson stretcher
D.Stokes stretcher

34.As regulation 12 of Annex 1 of MARPOL, all ships of __________ gross tonnage and above shall be provided with a sludge tank for collection of oil residues 
A.150 tonnes deadweight
B.150 gross tonnage
C.400 tonnes deadweight
D.400 gross tonnage

35.Life buoy self-activating smoke signals should emit smoke of visible colour for at least ______________ in calm waters.
A.5 minutes
B.15 minutes
C.30 minutes
D.60 minutes

36.Emergency generators should be capable of being started at ambient temperature of ______________________ deg Centigrade. If lower temperatures are expected then ___________________should be provided., cold starting spray
B.-5, heating arrangements
C.Zero, heating arrangements
D.-5,cold starting spray

37.Divisions constructed of steel which can withstand a standard fire test for 30min without passage of flame or smoke are classified as____________________
A.B class divisions
B.A class divisions
C.A30 class divisions
D.B 30 class divisions

38.As per requirements of Marpol, Annex 1, all ships delivered on or after 1st Aug. 2010 with an aggregate oil fuel capacity 600 m3 and above, the oil fuel can be carried in: 
A.Any of the tanks without any restriction
B.Deep tanks and Double bottom tanks 
C.Deep tanks in protective locations
D.Double bottom tanks not extending upto the ship???s side 

39.Which of the following statements is true?
A.The installation of an IMO approved incinerator is mandatory on all ships.
B.The installation of an incinerator is mandatory on all ships above 400 GRT.
C.The installation of an incinerator is not a mandatory requirement.
D.The installation of incinerators is mandatory only for dry ships

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