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MEO Class 4 MEP previous asked online questions

21.After maintaining correct discharge pressure , soon ceases to discharge water what are possible cause? 
A. Pressure gauge wrong 
B. Pump sucking air 
C. Discharge valve throttled 
D. Casing wear ring is worn

22. Which of the following V/V cannot be overhauled in place without removing piping?
A) BallValve
(B) Diaphragm valve
C) Globe valve
(D) Butterfly valve

23. Copper tubing is used in refrigerant system because
A) It has less internal resistance
B) It is cheaper compared to other materials.
C) It is easier to check leaks in copper based system
D)None of the above 

24. When pressure inside a system falls below that of the vapour pressure of the liquid
Cavities r formed, cavities travelling to high pressure region collapses releasing
Considerable energy damage the metal surface which is known as
A) Cavitation
B) Erosion
C) Impingment Corrosion
D) Cavitation Erosion

25. While refloating the vessel after dry docking which of the following check should be
Carried out 
A) Sounding of all double bottom tanks
B) Checking leakages in the
C) Checking leakages
D) Checking level of stern tube, header tanks

26. Pump start out motor gets overloaded or trip on overload
A) Alignment is wrong
B) Gland packing too tight
C) Worn out/damaged ball bearing
D) Cavitations exists
E) All of the above

27. Why should only approved toilet cleaning chemicals be used in
A) Unapproved chemicals can lead to corrosion in the system
B) unapproved chemicals can lead to toxic conditions in the system leading
C) To destruction of protective coatings
D) Unapproved chemicals can kill aerobic bacteria making the plant ineffective
Gases produced by use of unapproved chemicals can pose threat to the operators

28) After ofver hauling reciprocal pump the motor connections were wrongly given.  Determine outcome when pump is started?
A) The direction of flow wl remain unaffected 
B) the direction of flow wl b reversed
C) The pump wl get damaged because the suction valve wl block the reverse flow causing overpressure leading to pump breakdown.
D) The pump wl lose suction N there wl b no flow.

29) U R responsible for daily transfers of engine room bilges . U follow the  sequences aft –fwd (P)-fwd(s) bilgewel n u hv never experienced a problem but 5/E started the transfer n first transferred forward (s) bilgewel n without any problem n u join him later u find that bilge pump is not taking suction fr f(p) n aft bilgewel n then u hv checked everything is normal. what is the cause.
A) 5th engineer made a mistake by 1st transferring the fwd (s) bilge wel, normal sequence of operation for engine room machinaries should not b disturbed.
B) fwd (s) Bilge wel suction valve is leaking
C) Bilge pump suction filter cover gasket is leaking.
D) Fwd (s) Bilgewel suction filter cover gasket is leaking.

32) The centrifugal pump r normally
A) Positive displacement type
B) Rotodynamic 
C) Screw type
D)Gear type

33) Sludge pump suction pressure is going full vacuum when u start the pumptaking water of double bottom tank suction u hv checked the suction filter n found in clean condition. Taking suction fr fuel oil sludge tank does not happen. Causes of the problem.
A) Pump is not working efficiently n reqd. overhauling
B) F>O> sludge tank suction valve is leaking
C) W.O. tank D.B. tank suction pipeline has a blockage.
D) Can ???say what is the problem but definiterly the pump needs to 
b opened up for overhaul

34. The difference between the discharges of a centrifugal pump n reci pump
the discharge of centrifugal pump is ----------while that if reci is ---------
A) Turbulent, Laminar
B) Intermittent continuous
C) Continuous pulsating
D) Pulaating continuous

35) Which of the foll. is a true statement
A) Aluminium will b subject to preferential corrosion when in electrical 
continuity with stainless steel in presence of an electrolyte.
b) Stainless steel wl b subject to preferential corrosion when in electrical continuity with mild steel in presence of an electrolyte.
C) Copper wl b subject to preferential corrosion when in electrical continuity with stainlesssteel in presence of an electrolyte
d) Aluminiumwl b subject to preferential corrosion when in electrical continuity  with zinc in presence of an electrolyte.

36. Ballast pump injection filter was cleaned n the pump was lined up it wasfound that there was some leakage in the suction filter suction. The pumpstarted n the leakage started. During deblasting it was found that the pumpcould not take suction fr one of the double bottoms. The cause could be
A) Pump was drawing air fr.
B) Pump was drawing air fr suction filter
C) One of thepipelines on the suction side of the pump might be leaking
D) The filter was not cleaned properly.

37. The most imp. control measure to prevent boiler tube failure is
A) Use of proper refractory mtrl.
B) Proper maintenance of fuel burning equipment
C) Proper maintenance of boiler water condition
D) All of the above

38. When one of the M/E.F.O. heater is not in use then
A) The F.O. inlet n outlet valve should b kept shut, but steam heating valves should b kept crack open so as to keep the heater warm.
B) F.O. inlet n outlet valve should b kept shut n heating valves also should b completely shut n should b drained of any remaining F.O.
c) F.O. inlet n outlet valve should b kept crack open so that the F.O. recirculation can take place.
d) F.O. inlet n outlet valve should b kept shut while outlet valve should be left open so that

39. The gland packing of centrifugal pump should hv 
A) not allow any breakage under the suction pressure.
B) Should only allow drop by drop continuous leakage under positive suction pressure.
C) Should allow considerable leakage 

40. Corrosion of mild steel can b effectively prevented by
A) Cathodic protection
B) Protective coatings
C) Addition of suitable alloying elements


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