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MGPS , Marine Growth Prevention System. Working Principle, Anodes used and its advantages.

Anodes fitted to Sea chest

Marine fouling and biological fouling is a common issue in the sea water system. This leads to the corrosion of the pipe line and interference in the flow of sea water. The fouling organism enters the system in both microscopic and macroscopic form, settle and replicate under favorable conditions.

Traditionally chemicals were used to prevent the growth of these kinds of organism in the sea water system. Chlorination was one the widely used method. But chlorine itself accelerates corrosion rates, usually by causing pitting attack on steel. More over this kind of method requires continuous monitoring and control.

So now a day’s ships are equipped with MGPS. MGPS stands for Marine Growth Prevention System. Its basic principle is based on the ICCP system. Direct Current is applied to the anodes to emit ions in the environment in order to change it into an unfavorable condition for the growth of fouling organism. Normally Copper Anode and Aluminium anodes are used. Sometimes Ferrous anode is also used.

Copper Anode – Antifouling
Aluminium Anode – Reduction in corrosion of steel materials
Ferrous Anode – Reduction of corrosion of copper based materials

New Anodes

The Direct Current applied on the copper anodes gives out controlled amount of Cu ions in the system and creates an environment which is unfavorable for the growth of marine life. The current applied to Aluminium anodes releases a precipitate of aluminium hydroxide products that reduces the corrosion rates on ferrous components in the seawater system by modifying the ferrous oxides formed and film deposition

One of the major advantages of such systems is that they require minimum monitoring and maintenance. More over these systems prevents the adherence of marine life in the system rather than killing them directly. The size of each anode is selected depending on the sea water flow rate and the renewal period.


  1. Whether we normally instal ferrous anode onboard?
    pls anyone help me....
    Thanks inn advance

    1. i have seen on aluminium and copper anode in use

  2. we commonly use only copper and Aluminium anodes. A Chief Engineer


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