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MET online exam practice and previous questions

1.A poly-phase motor driving an engine room pump fails to start. When trying to identify the cause of failure, which of the following steps are applicable?
A.Visually examine motor for open circuit faults.
B.Visually examine starter for open circuit faults.
C.Reverse the direction of electrical supply to check if it works.
D.Perform the infinite resistance test.
2.Tightly knit metal braid wire can be used with a printed circuit board when  
A.Conductor flexibility is required
B.De-soldering components in the circuit
C.Electrically produced magnetic fluxes would cause inaccuracies in adjacent components
D.Reactance in the circuit must be kept to a minimum

3.Which of the following statements represents an application of a silicon controlled rectifier?
A.To provide DC power for a main propulsion motor.
B.For use as a voltage reference diode.
C.For sensing flame in an automated burner.
D.To eliminate power supply hum.

4.When paralleling an AC generator with live bus bars, which of the following precautions are applicable?
A.Generator frequency should be slightly lower than bus bar frequency
B.Generator frequency should be slightly higher than bus bar frequency
C.Generator voltage should be in phase with bus bar voltage
D.Generator voltage should be out of phase with bus bar voltage

5.A certain appliance uses 750 W. If it is allowed to run continuously for 15 days, how many kilowatt-hours of energy does it consume?

6.With reference to a Data Logger for a refrigeration system, which of the following parameters should be monitored?
A.Room temperature.
B.Liquid Line temperature.
C.Recharge temperature.
D.Solenoid valve operation.

8.With reference to a Data Logger for a refrigeration system, which of the following parameters should be monitored?
A.Sea water temperature and pressure.
B.Condensing temperature
C.Refrigerant leakage
D.Evaporating temperature
9.The induced voltage across a stationary conductor in a steady magnetic field is zero.

10.For leading power factor circuits, which of the following can be used?
A.Shunt Capacitors only
B.Shunt Reactors only
C.Either Shunt Capacitors or Shunt Reactors
D.Neither Shunt Capacitors Nor Shunt Reactors

11.A molded-case breaker provides protection against short-circuits by usinga/an
A.Shading coil.
B.Arc quencher.
D.Holding coil.

12.Fuses placed in series with a thermal trip = - type circuit breaker are used for
A.Time-delay protection
B.Short-circuit protection
C.Short duration surge protection
D.Sustained overload protection

13.Which of the listed precautions should be taken when cleaning the internals of a motor with compressed air?
A.Open the machine on both ends so as to allow the air and dust to escape.
B.Be certain that the circuit breaker is opened and tagged on the feeder panel.
C.Be certain that the air is clean and as dry as possible.
D.Ensure that the fuse in the motor is removed.

14.A fuse that blows often should be replaced only with a fuse of
A.the recommended current and voltage rating
B.higher current and voltage rating
C.higher current and lower voltage rating
D.lower current and higher voltage rating

15.Open-loop transfer function of a system having one zero with positive real values is called (1)________

16.Where a thermal-acting breaker is required to be used in an area of unusually high, low, or constantly fluctuating temperatures, an ambient compensating element must be used. This element consists of a
A.Cylindrical spring on the contact arm.
B.Conical spring on the contact arm.
C.Second bimetal element.
D.Second electromagnet.

17.Brushless generators are designed to operate without the use of
D.all of the above

18.What is the magnetomotive force in a 75-turn coil of wire when there are 4 A of current through it?

19.In what range of voltages is the transistor in the linear region of its operation?
A.0 < VCE < 0.7 V
B.0.7 < VCE < 1.4 V
C.0.7 < VCE < VCE(max)
D.0 < VCE < VCE(max)

20.The current in a semiconductor is produced by:

21.AC circuits possess characteristics of resistance, inductance, and capacitance.The capacitive reactance of acircuit is expressed in

22.The greatest detrimental effect on idle electrical equipment, such as cargo pump motors,is the
A.Loss of residualmagnetism.
B.Absorption of moisture in the insulation.
C.Insulation varnish flaking.
D.Dirt collecting on the windings.

23.If it takes 35 J of energy to move a charge of 6 C from one point to another, what is the voltage between the two points? Your answer should be correct to two decimals.

24.The basic measuring unit of inductance is the


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