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MEO Class 4 - e pariksha online mcq for ship construction

82)A chock __________.
A) is a deck fitting used to shackle gear to the deck
B) permits easy jettisoning of deck cargo in an emergency
C) prevents stress concentration in the bulwark
D) provides openings through the bulwark for mooring lines

83)What is the purpose of the freeing ports on a vessel with solid bulwarks?
A) Allow water which may be shipped on deck to flow off rapidly
B) Permit easy jettisoning of deck cargo in an emergency
C) Prevent the formation of any unusual stress concentration points
D) Lighten the above deck weight caused by a solid bulwark

84)Freeing ports on a vessel with solid bulwarks __________.
A) prevent stress concentration in the bulwark
B) permit easy jettison of deck cargo in an emergency
C) provide openings through the bulwarks for mooring lines
D) allow water shipped on deck to flow off rapidly

85)One function of a bulwark is to __________.
A) help keep the deck dry
B) prevent stress concentrations on the stringer plate
C) protect against twisting forces exerted on the frame of the vessel
D) reinforce the side stringers

86)A deck fitting, used to secure line or wire rope, consisting of a single body with two protruding horns is called a __________.
A) bitt
B) bollard
C) capstan
D) cleat

87)A vessel is constructed with a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. Which statement is TRUE?
A) The aluminum will provide greater resistance to the spread of fire by conduction.
B) The aluminum structure is usually attached to a steel coaming by a method that insulates the two metals.
C) If the superstructure is stressed, an aluminum structure requires additional expansion joints to prevent fracture.
D) The steel at the area of the aluminum-to-steel connection must be closely checked for galvanic corrosion.

88)Sometimes it is desirable to connect a member both by riveting and welding.
Which statement is TRUE concerning this procedure?
A) Tearing through the member is more likely in this type connection.
B) The weld may be broken by the stresses caused by riveting.
C) The weld increases the tensile stress on the rivet heads.
D) The welding must be completed before the riveting commences.

89)A welded joint's effectiveness is considered __________.
A) 48%
B) 90%
C) 100%
D) 121%

90)What welding pattern is NOT used to permanently attach a stiffener to a plate?
A) Chain intermittent
B) Tack
C) Continuous
D) Staggered intermittent

91)The welds used to attach stiffeners to a plate are known as __________.
A) butt welds
B) seam welds
C) fillet welds
D) plate welds

92)The welds used to join shell plates in flush construction are known as __________.
A) butt welds
B) seam welds
C) fillet
D) continuous welds

C) fillet welds
D) continuous welds
Ship construction
93)The smallest size of flaw that can be detected on a radiograph examination of a
weld will be indicated by the __________.
A) film speed
B) penetrometer
C) exposure reading
D) time of exposure
94)Which type of weld testing can be used to detect internal flaws?
A) Radiographic
B) Magnetic particle
C) Dye penetrant
D) Chemical reaction

95)Which type of weld testing can be used to detect internal flaws?
A) Magnetic particle
B) Dye penetrant
C) Ultrasonic
D) Chemical reaction

96)Which weld fault can only be detected by a method that examines the internal structure of a weld?
A) Undercut
B) Lack of reinforcement
C) Overlap
D) Lack of penetration

97)Ultrasonic testing is used to determine the thickness of a vessel's shell plating and to __________.
A) provide tail shaft clearances
B) test welds for subsurface defects
C) check the wear of the rudder carrier bearing
D) test the links of the anchor cables while being ranged

98)The type of welding employed in shipyards is primarily __________.
A) brazing
B) electric arc
C) pressure welding
D) thermite welding

99)A wind has caused a difference between drafts starboard and port. This difference is __________.
A) list
B) heel
C) trim
D) flotation

100)The difference between the initial trim and the trim after loading is known as __________.
A) trim
B) change of trim
C) final trim
D) change of draft

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