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What all maintenance are carried out on CO2 fixed fire fighting installations

* CO2 bottles of fixed CO2 fire extinguishing installation shall be hydraulically tested 20 years after the date on which the bottles were put into use, and every 5 years thereafter. 

* The quantity of the medium in the CO2 bottles should be checked once every 4 years. This may be carried out in batches of 25% of the CO2 bottles annually, or 50% of the CO2 bottles biennially or in accordance with the ship’s maintenance so long as every CO2 bottle is checked once every 4 years. 

* All stop valves should be checked monthly to ensure that they are in their proper open or closed position. 

* The installation should be checked monthly for leakage.
* All CO2 bottle connections for cable operating clips should be checked for tightness every 3 months. 

* All control valves should be inspected annually, and internally inspected every 
5 years. 

• Air should be blown through the piping of the installation annually.

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