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Requirements for the storage of CO2 storage room?

Carbon dioxide storage rooms 
The following requirements are applicable only for the storage rooms for fire-extinguishing media of fixed gas fire-extinguishing systems: 

1) The storage room should be used for no other purposes; 
2) If the storage space is located below deck, it should be located no more than one deck below the open deck and should be directly accessible by a stairway or ladder from the open deck; 
3) Spaces which are located below deck or spaces where access from the open deck is not provided, should be fitted with a mechanical ventilation system designed to take exhaust air from the bottom of the space and should be sized to provide at least 6 air changes per hour; and 
4) Access doors should open outwards, and bulkheads and decks including doors and other means of closing any opening therein, which form the boundaries between such rooms and adjacent enclosed spaces, should be gas tight.

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