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Latest Notice on e- Pariksha online exam for class 4 marine engineers

In continuation to the NOTICE issued in the month of April 2012 regarding  conduct of on-line examination for MEO Class IV from June 2012, all candidates desirous for appearing for MEO Class IV, Part ‘B’ written examinations are hereby informed that:

A)    Online examinations for MEO Class IV, Part B written examinations have been tentatively scheduled to commence from 6th June 2012 at Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Kochi, Vishakhapatnam and New Delhi Centres.
B)    Candidates opting for New Delhi centres for written examination need to appear for “oral” examination at Mumbai.
C)    Videos demonstrating a) filling of online examination application form, b) taking of online examination; are displayed on DGS Website along with answers to some frequently asked questions regarding online examination.
D)   Candidates can apply online for MEO CL IV June 2012 examination from 7th May 2012 till 20th May 2012 from anywhere without visiting any MMD examination centre. Link for online examination application will be displayed on DGS website on 7th May 2012
E)    Candidates will be sent an e mail asking them to come to concerned MMD examination centres for verification of their original documents on appointed dates on first come first served basis.
F)     On satisfactory verification of documents and payment of fees candidates can book date and time slot of examination.
G)   Admit card can be printed on line indicating date, time slot and venue of examination.
H)   On the appointed date the candidate reports to designated examination centre one hour in advance of dedicated time slot for taking examination with their passport and CDC.
I)       These examinations are based on multiple choice questions, fill up the blanks, match the columns, etc.

J)      The examinations will be held in “six working days” starting first Wednesday of every month except Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

K)   These examinations will be conducted in the test centres of APTECH through the epariksha system of the Directorate. The address of the APTECH where the candidates will have to take the examination will be communicated to the candidate’s e-mail address on their successful assessment and finding them eligible for the examination.
L)    The timing for the regular slots on each day of the examination to be conducted at the centres of APTECH will be from 0930-1130, 1230-1430 and 1530-1730 hrs. There will also be a slot from 1800-2000 hrs available on the same day of examination to accommodate only those candidates who fail to take examination due to malfunctioning of the system.

M)  Candidates who are repeaters for the MEO Class IV, Part ‘B’ Examination also need to take on-line examination through epariksha system of the Directorate. They need to register into the system and fill in the ‘Historic Data’ which includes details of previous attempts and results. However, the repeaters do not have to pay any assessment fees if it has been paid before. Further, the repeaters original document verification will not be verified again, unless required for specific reasons

N)   The existing procedure being followed at MMD’s will continue for slot booking for all those candidates who are only appearing for “oral” examinations for MEO Class IV, Part B examinations.


  1. nice blog...
    Sorry for being a little off topic but still trying my luck.
    Could you please tell me they proper procedure to get exn-45 from mumbai MMD with all details like date, time needed for same, who to approach if you know. Any help will be really appreciated.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. plz can any one help me to get admit card for online test(epariksha MEO CL IV Part B ,bcoz this s my first time for sit in epariksha.) My application has been reviewed & approved for the month of october13, i finished my booking today in mum mmd. but i dont kow from where i should get my admit card in online.
    thanking you.

  4. if one applies in new delhi as center then when does he have to go to mumbai for document verification and all ?..please advice as i am very confused about the booking and how to go about

  5. can anyone say online examinations for class four part B will be same for all the MMD's or different for different MMD's

    1. Since this is a online multiple choice examination, u will get different questions for different people even in d same center. But 70 to 80 percent of the questions will be same. The questions are taken randomly from the same server in all centers

  6. Since this is a online multiple choice examination, u will get different questions for different people even in d same center. But 70 to 80 percent of the questions will be same. The questions are taken randomly from the same server in all centers


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