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E Pariksha demo for class 4 engineering - Multiple choice questions

The DG Shipping of India has published the demo video of the the latest online e-pariksha programme for the class 4 engineering in the Indian MMD system. The video shows that the question paper includes multiple choice questions, fills in the blanks and true or false.

All the candidates can check the demo video released by the MMD on the format of the new online e pariksha system. We have to wait and see whether this new system will help the candidates or put more burden on them.  But the greatest advantage is that candidates dont have to wait for the result. They can know the result of the exam soon after the exam.

Guys, comment your opinion on the latest e pariksha system. Whether it will help the candidates or the other way around? Discuss

To check the demo video, Click Here


  1. going to the mmd each and every time for all silly things was the greatest burden, which has now been relaxed.

  2. Hey Jim, u r absolutely right.
    sometimes it feels as if getting xams cleared is much easier than going to mmd and getting cleared all formalities

  3. this definitely is an improvement which will help as well as confuse the candidates atleast for the first few seen in reduced travel expenses for outstation guys s one thing, another is unbiassed written results....
    confusion-- coz students do not have model exam papers, patterns or watever, every one would be in a state of delirium...
    but in all this improvement done by DG shipping must be supported by students with feedback and developing suggestions...

  4. i m doing gme training at GEIMS. pls tell me is there restricted no. Of attempts for written exm ?

  5. new class 4 objective qustions

  6. sir can u send question for part A (applied mechanics ,heat engine)
    mail ;-


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