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Set 9 : Ship safety and environmental protection online questions

1. ORB has to be regularly updated without delay and each completed page has to be _____.
Signed by officer in charge and chief engineer
Signed by officer in charge and Master
Signed by chief engineer and master.
Signed by chief officer and chief engineer

2. Number of maximum sprinkler head in a section should be _____.

3. First rain water collected over canopy rain water harvesting arrangement has to be ____.
Rationed to each member.
Given to sick and injured
Thrown overboard.
Given to any one member

4. As per MARPOL annexI requirements:
Only crudes and petrochemical products come within the definition of Oil
All items mentioned in Appendix 1 of annex 1 come under the category of oil
Only crude oil and black oils have restrictions on pumping out, the remaining products can be pumped out at sea \in limited quantities
Anything having viscosity greater than that of water is considered to be oil

5. Pyrophoric ignition may occur_____________
On introduction of air in tanks deficient in oxygen
In oxygen rich atmospheres
In nitrogen rich atmospheres.
Only when an ignition source is introduced

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  1. you are doing an amazing job guys....keep it up....i hope you bring out remaining functions soon ... really helpful


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