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Set 4 : MEO Class 4 Ship Safety and Environmental Protection online E-Pariksha questions

1. As regulation 12 of Annex 1 of MARPOL, all ships of __________ gross tonnage and above shall be provided with a sludge tank for collection of oil residues
150 tonnes deadweight
150 gross tonnage
400 tonnes deadweight
400 gross tonnage

2. Divisions constructed of steel which can withstand a standard fire test for 30min without passage of flame or smoke are classified as____________________
B class divisions
A class divisions
A30 class divisions
B30 class divisions

3. Which of the following statements is true?
The installation of an IMO approved incinerator is mandatory on all ships
The installation of an incinerator is mandatory on all ships above 400 GRT.
The installation of an incinerator is not a mandatory requirement
The installation of incinerators is mandatory only for dry ships

4. Which of the following can leads to degradation of foam?
Exposure to excess of heat
Mixing of different grade of foam
Exposure to air.
None of the above

5. Movement of ship about an imaginary line joining aft and fore perpendicular is

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