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Set 6 - Safety online epariksha question for marine engineers

1. Back flow towards machinery spaces of cargo vapours in an Inert gas system is prevented by_____________________
Pressure vacuum breaker
High velocity vents
Deck water seal
Pressure vacuum valves

2. A straight stream of water should be used to extinguish
galley grease fires
.fuel oil fires
burning bedding materials
a fire in the paint locker

3. The maximum capacity of an Oil fuel tank for any ship built on or after 1st Aug. 2010 as restricted by Marpol, Annex 1 is:

4. Each fire pump on a MODU must have a pressure gage located
at the pump discharge
at the manifold connection
at each fire station discharge
at the pump station

5. Ship Security Alert System is a requirement under __________________
Part B of ISPS Code
SOLAS Chapter XI-2
SUA convention, 1988
None of the above

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