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Marine Engineering Practice Online Mulitiple Choice Questions for Seafarers of India

1.Why are large centrifugal pumps started with their discharge valves closed?
A. To ensure proper priming
B. To limit sudden rise in discharge rate
C. To limit motor starting current
D. To minimize starting torque on motor shaft

2.Which of the following statements are true as far as painting of steel hull/structure is
concerned? Multiple choice
A. Painting can be done under any weather condition
B. Painting can only be done after proper surface preparation is carried out
C. Painting should only be done on top of appropriate primer coating
D. Several coats of paint can be applied one after the other without any time gap

4. A multistage centrifugal pump is normally used
A. High head
B. High discharge flow
C. High viscous fluids
D. Low viscous fluid

5. In a three phase electrical equipment, the immediate action in the event of a fuse blowing in
one of the phases, would be:
A. To replace with a fuse of correct rating
B. To replace fuses on all three phases
C. To try to repair the fuse
D. To investigate the fault that led to the blowing of the fuse '/

6. A drain cooler is provided with S.W. cooling. What is the best way to increase the temperature
of condensate draining to the hotwell?
A. Throttle the S.W. inlet valve
B. Throttle the S.W. outlet valve
C. Open the condensate Bypass to the cooler
D. Close the condensate bypass to the cooler

7. Which of the following option gives you the correct sequence of the metals in decreasing
order of preferential corrosion when all of them are bonded and immersed in an electrolyte ?
A. Titanium, Mild Steel , Zinc , Stainless steel
B. Titanium , Stainless steel ,Mild Steel ,Zinc
C. Zinc , Mild Steel , Stainless steel , Titanium
D. Zinc , Titanium , Mild Steel , Stainless steel;

8. During auxiliary engine de-carbonization, which of the following checks need to be carried
A. Sounding of all double bottom tanks
B. Connecting rod big end ovality
C. Liner wear
D. Crack detection tests on connecting rod serrations

9.A reciprocating pump is used for Engine room bilge service because:
A. Reciprocating pumps are designed for smoother discharge
B. Only small capacity pumping capacity is required, while other pumps are of higher
C. It doesn???t churn and mix the bilge water unlike other types of rotary and
D. Shipbuilding industry is still going on old concept, future ships will have centrifugal pumps

10. The machinery which is usually tested first once the ship reaches a dry dock is
A. Engine room crane
B. Engine room lift
C. Gantry crane for engine room
D. All of the above

11.the size of solid particle contaminants in hydraulic systems is measured in:
A. Millimeter cubed
B. Nano-millimeter
C. Microns
D. Micro millimeter

12.In a reciprocating pump the direction of flow depends upon:
A. Direction of rotation of the pump
B. Position & fixing of suction and discharge valves
C. High pressure to low pressure
D. Whether pump is single acting or double acting

13 .Fire side in boilers gets commonly corroded due to :
A. Galvanic action
B. Formation of Vanadium pentaoxide and sulphuric acid
C. Stress corrosion
D. Crevice corrosion

14.Which of the following statements is False about hydraulic jacks/tensioning tools?
A. The piston of the jack should be turned back by a certain degree after hand tightening to
prevent easy removal after un tightening of the nut.
B. The piston of the jack should not be turned back after hand tightening during un
tightening of the nut
C. The piston of the jack need not be turned back during tightening of the nut.
D. The hydraulic pressure need not be relieved during removal of the jack.

15.In a shell and type M/E L.O. cooler, the temperature of L.O. is controlled by an automatic
temperature control valve. Out at sea with M/E running at sea load it is observed that the
temperature control valve opening to the cooler is increasing day by until it becomes 100% open
to the cooler. The L.O. outlet temperature _______________ after the above condition has reached
A. Starts decreasing immediately
B. Starts increasing immediately
C. Will be maintained at the set point of the temperature controller
D. Cannot be maintained at the set point and will increase slowly

16.Which of the following is NOT a rotary motion valve?
A. Gate valve
B. Butterfly Valve
C. Ball valve
D. Plug Valve

17.Which of the following can lead to short cycling or frequent cutting in and cutting out of a
fridge compressor?
A. Dirty condenser
B. Air entrapped in refrigerant
C. High cooling water temperature
D. Grossly insufficient charge

18.During shutting down the purifier you find that purifier always vibrates heavily for some time
and then becomes normal until it finally comes to a stop. What is wrong with purifier?
A. The purifier design is faulty
B. The purifier bowl has a heavy sludge deposit and requires cleaning
C. The purifier bowl is not balanced properly
D. During shutting down most of the purifiers pass through the critical speed zone

19.Hot corrosion in exhaust valves and fire side of boiler mainly when :
A. Fuels containing vanadium content with high sodium content are used
B. Fuels containing vanadium content with low sodium content are used(3:1)
C. Fuels containing high vanadium and high sulphur content are used
D. Fuels containing high sulphur content is used and the exhaust temperatures are
uncontrolled and exceed 600 deg. C

20.NPSH and the Total suction head are two terms which are commonly used for pumps. Which of
the following is a true statement?
A. They are one and the same thing
B. Total suction head is greater than NPSH
C. NPSH is always greater than Total suction head
D. Total suction head and NPSH have no relationship

21. Auxiliary engine connecting rod bottom end bolts should be tightened:
A. Only as per the prescribed torque using a torque range
B. As per prescribed torque as well as angular measurements as recommended by the
C. By following previous match marks on bolt heads and connecting rod body
D. As per prescribed torque and another 10% increase during every subsequent tightening. \

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