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Define Freeboard, Reserve Buoyancy, Free Surface Effect, Stability of a Ship, Stiff Ship and Tender Ship

Freeboard:-It is the distance from the waterline to the top of the deck plating at the side of the deck amidships.

Reserve Buoyancy:- It is the potential buoyancy of a ship and depends upon the intact, watertight volume above the waterline.

Stability of a Ship :- The tendency of ship to come back to its upright position when healed by external force is defined as the stability of the ship.

Tender Ship:- The ship with a small Metacentric height has a small righting lever at any angle & will roll easily is said to be tender ship. In tender ship, In it the centre of gravity lies below the transverse metacentre. The GM is more than GZ. & these kind of ship are more stable.

Stiff Ship:- The ship with a large Metacentric height has a large righting lever at any angle & has considerable resistance to rolling. A stiff ship is very uncomfortable. In it the Centre of Gravity lies above the transverse metacentre.

Free Surface Effect:- When a tank of liquid is partially filled & the mass of liquid is moved. This movement affects the Metacentric height. This is called free surface effect.

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