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Define of camber, sheer, tumble home, Rise of floor in connection with ship building or naval architecture

Camber:-The transverse curvature of the deck from the centerline down to the sides. This camber is used on exposed deck to drive water to the sides of the ship.

Sheer:- The curvature of the deck in a fore & aft directions, rising from midship to the maximum at the ends. It makes a ship more seaworthy by raising the deck at the fore & after ends further from the water and by reducing the volume of water coming on the deck.

Tumble Home:- In some ships, the midship side shell in the region of the upper deck is curved slightly towards the centre line, thus reducing the width of the upper deck & decks above.

Rise of Floor:- The bottom shell of ship is sometimes sloped up from the keel to the bilge to facilitate drainage. The rise of floor is very small.

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