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DGS High Voltage Training not mandatory for COC Engineering officers and Electro technical officers

High Voltage training requirements brought int by 2010 Manila convention for Engineering officers and Electro Technical Officers in both operational levels and management level is no longer mandatory. It is only mandatory for those who wish to work on HV system ships (ship with 1000V and above). All others will get their COC with the following Limitation.

"Not Valid for service on ships fitted with High Voltage (over 1000V) System" 

So it is no longer mandatory for engineers to under this course and to get the limitation stamp removed from COC

This is the extract from the DG circular File No: ENG/EXAM/CIRC-25(1)/2017

  1. The 2010 Manila Amendments to STCW 78 Convention brought in the requirement for engineer officers to undergo education and training in High Voltage (HV) systems, at both the operational and management levels. This requirement came into effect from 1st January 2017 and is applicable to all Engineer Officers and Electro-Technical Officers who work on ships. The compliance with the same was later extended by IMO for six months as majority member States were not ready with certification of their seafarers complying with 2010 amendments
  2. The Directorate has extended the date to fulfil the requirement of undergoing training in HV systems to 1st July 2018 vide corrigendum No.2 to EAC branch circular No.134 of 2017 dated 5.5.2017.
  3. Subsequently, the Directorate has received several queries from various stake holders with a request for clarifying on the requirement of undergoing training in HV systems by the Engineer Officers (both operational and management level) and Electro Technical Officers.
  4. The Competent Authority after due deliberations and on receipt of clarification from IMO has decided that no additional training on HV systems be undertaken by Engineer Officers (operational and management) and Electro-Technical Officers who do not or don't intend to, work on ships with HV systems. Hence the necessity for completion of approved High Voltage Training course by Engineer Officers and Electro-Technical officers is no more a mandatory requirement for working on board ships not fitted with HV systems. However, such Engineer Officers and Electro Technical Officers will receive Certificate of Competency (CoC) with following limitation:
"Not valid for service on ships fitted with High Voltage (over 1000V) systems".
  1. The Engineer Officers (operational and management level) and Electro-Technical Officers with above High Voltage limitation on their CoC, preferring for deletion of the limitation in due course of time, may do so with a request for the removal of this limitation by providing documentary evidence of having undergone approved HV systems training course.
  2. Considering the propulsion and power distribution systems onboard ships have changed substantially over the years and the current changed technology has already enabled the construction of bigger and newer ships installed with HV equipment to handle the massive power requirements and that the STCW 78 Convention, as amended, require these ships to be operated by personal competent in the safety/design/operation/ maintenance of 1-IV systems, it is advised that all operational level/management level Engineer Officers and ElectroTechnical Officers may keep their CoC valid for sailing on such type of vessels in future by completion of necessary HV training.

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