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Urgent Notice- COC correction sticker mandatory for all Indian seafarers and how to get it

This is an important notice to all seafarers holding COC. We all have upgraded/updated our COC as per the manila 2010 convention. But a major paragraph in the front page cover of our COC has not been updated as per the 2010 convention. So as per the message from DG, almost all seafarers have to correct this mistake in their COC. So DG had directed us to get the correction in our COC from the nearest MMD at our convenience. But now DG as come up with a new method to take the print of the COC correction sticker from DG website. This article explains why it is required and how to download the sticker from the DG website

As per the Circular from DG

CoC's issued by the Directorate in accordance with 1995 amendments to STCW 1978 convention have been upgraded after completion of the necessary STCW requirements by means of endorsements in the CoC's for compliance. However, notes with Regulation I/2, paragraph 9 of the Convention on the front pastedown endpaper page of the CoC's have remained unchanged.

THEREFORE, in order to prevent issues relating to Indian CoC's during Port State Control [PSC] Inspections, it is hereby directed that all Indian CoC's complying with 2010 amendments to STCW 1978 convention, the notes on the front pastedown endpaper page of the CoC is to be now read as following: "The original of this certilicate must be kept available in accordance with Regulation I/2, paragraph 11 of the Convention while serving on a ship".

8. The Mercantile Marine Departments [MMDs] are hereby directed that CoC's revalidated or upgraded to 2010 amendments to STCW 1978 convention with containing notes of "Regulation I/2, paragraph 9 of the Convention" of the front pastedown endpaper page, shall be endorsed with a stamp that "The original of this certificale musl be kept available in accordance with Regulalion I/2, paragraph I1 of the Convention while serving on a ship" in the additional pages of CoC booklet.

The same endorsement is now available as sticker in the DG website

1. Open

2. Open E-Governance

3. Login using your username and password

4. Click on tab- COC, DC Endorsement, GMDSS Radio operator

5. Click on COC correction sticker as per 2010

6. Download the sticker with your INDOS number and take print out in Photo quality using color printer on self adhesive sticker paper and paste the same sticker in additional pages of your COC

Please go through the circular from DG

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  1. is it mandatory

    1. Yes. We have to so it if the front cover of our coc is written as pragraph 9 insteqd of paragraph 11

  2. In my it's already written." The original of this certificate must be kept available in accordance with regulation 1/2 , paragraph of STCW Conversation while it's holder is serving on ship". Does I have get sticker or not


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