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Master checker - seafarers personal database in dg shipping e-governance profile

 All the seafarers have been provided with the facility to view his or her details in the master Checker in his profile. In the Master Checker, the candidate can view all the data such as CDC details, Training details, sea service details, COC details, details of other certificates like Watch keeping, Dangerous Cargo endorsement, GMDSS etc.

It is mentioned that this data is uploaded in the system by the issuing authorities. Therefore, if there is any corrections to be made in the data or if some details are found missing, then the candidates please approach the respective authorities/agencies as under-
-INDOS database- INDOS cell
-CDC details- Respective Shipping Master
-Training details- Respective Maritime Training Institute
-COC details- Nautical or Engineering wing of DGS
-WKC/ Dangerous Cargo/GMDSS- Respective MMDs
-Sea service details- Shipping Company if Articles of Agreement is to be uploaded or RPSL if the -Form -IIIA is to be uploaded. (It is mentioned here that the RPSL cannot uploaded the data which is more than three months old).

All seafarers has to make sure that RPSL agencies, Maritime Training institutes and the Ship owners have uploaded the data regularly in time, so that the seafarer is not inconvenienced at the time of the assessment for examination or endorsements.

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