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Emergency generator power supply in cargo ship, its location and sources of load it supply

The emergency source of electric power shall be

a) located above the uppermost continuous deck;
b) readily accessible from the open deck.
c) located aft of the collision bulkhead.
d) so arranged that a fire or other casualty in the space containing the main source of electrical power and associated equipment do not interfere with supply, control and distribution of emergency supplies.
Every ship shall be provided with a self contained emergency source of electrical power which shall be so designed and arranged that it will operate at full rated power when the ship is listed 22.5° and when the trim of the ship is 10° from an even keel or any combination of or up to these limits.

Emergency Supplies

The emergency sources of electric power shall be capable of simultaneously supply the following services, including any starting current and for the following periods:

A)for a period of 18 hours, emergency lighting in

1) all service and accommodation, alleyways, staircases, exits. lifts and lift shafts.
2) In machinery space and main generating station including control positions.
3) in control station. machinery control rooms and at each main and emergency switchboard.
4)  at the storage position for fireman's outfit
5) at the firepump, sprinkler pump and emergency bilge pump and at their starting positions.

B)for a period of 18 hours

1)The fire detection and fire alarm system.
2) The daylight signaling lamps, ships whistle and manually operated call points intermittently.
3) The general alarm.
4) statutory navigational instruments and aids.

C) for the period of 18 hours :-
i) the navigational lights
ii) Any fire pump and emergency fire pumps dependent upon the emergency generator . for their source of power
iii) capable of giving power to main or aux steering gear

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