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Set 21 - E Pariksha MEK Motor previous asked questions

1) Which of the following statements is true?
A.The rotary vane type steering gear generally operates at higher oil pressures than the ram type .
B.The ram type steering gear generally operates at higher oil pressures than the rotary vane type .
C.Both ram type and rotary vane type steering gears generally operate at similar oil pressures
D.None of the above

2) Modern marine turbochargers use a ___________ type of compressor
A.Radial flow
B.Axial flow
C.Mixed flow
D.Turbulent flow

3) Which of the following is a disadvantage of water as cooling medium for pistons, when compared to oil?
A.Chemical treatment is required
B.Higher thermal stresses in piston
C.Piston of more complicated design
D.All of the above

4) How is the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the feedwater of an auxiliary boiler maintained at acceptable limits?
A.Feedwater is cycled through a DC heater.
B.Feedwater is treated with phosphates.
C.Oxygen is liberated in the three-stages of feedwater preheating.
D.Oxygen is liberated by maintaining the highest practical feedwater temperature

5) In a 2-stroke marine diesel engine if the o-ring for Jacket cooling water sealing is leaking then:
A.The water will leak directly into the crankcase
B.The water will leak into the underpiston space
C.The water will come out through tell-tale hole provided between the two o-rings
D.The water will come out from the top of cylinder jacket

6) The lube oil pump used in a diesel engine is a
A.volute pump
B.centrifugal pump
C.diaphragm pump
D.gear pump

7) Prior to lighting off a cold automatically fired auxiliary boiler, you should
A.check and regulate the water level
B.close the air cock once fires are lit
C.blowdown the gage glass
D.crack the steam stop to assure protective steam flow

8) Steam temperature control for the ESD-II boiler is achieved by :
A.Fitting a de-superheater between 1st & 2nd passes of superheater
B.Fitting an attemperator between 1st & 2nd passes of superheate
C.Gas dampers in boiler uptake
D.Bypassing the superheater

9) The ash content of a fuel oil is significant to the operating engineer because it
A. is an indication of the amount of noncombustible material present in the oil
B. indicates the quantity of energy released by burning a unit amount of the fuel
C. is useful for determining proper atomization temperatures
D. reflects the overall thermal efficiency of the fuel oil service system

10.  Which of the following design features will reduce the possibility of overheating the top compression rings of a cast iron piston?
A. A nickel-bearing insert is cast into the top ring groove
B. A heat dam design is sometimes used in the piston head
C. The top ring is located as close to the piston rim as possible
D. The inside surface of the piston head is rounded into the ring bell

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